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About us
From beginnings in 1998 in Vietnam, HUVECO was a producer for many years of Handicrafts for the Vietnamese Domestic Market. But in 2002 we began to take all of our vast knowledge and experience, and focus ourselves on manufacturing specifically for the International Export Market. Now, 17 years later, HUVECO is one of Vietnam's leading Producers of  Home Accessories, Handmade Giftware and Fashion Ladies' Handbags. Our products are shipped around the world, and our customers return to us again and again, because of rigorous Quality Control and our unique combination of Artisan Craftsmanship with Modern Production and Shipping Procedures.
HUVECO has grown over the years to include office and some workshops in Vietnam with full-time employees of over ninety people and part-time employees of several hundreds people.

HUVECO possess some workshops in Hanoi, Namdinh, Vietnam, where have plenty of famous traditional villages. HUVECO workshops employ skillfull handicraftsmen. With skilled and creative workers, we ensure that you will have products with high quality and the best  price. Now with manufacturing workshops, HUVECO is able to bring you the best of Vietnam with the most competitive price, the highest quality and the most unique models. Our slogan: HIGHER QUALITY BUT LOWER PRICE

The showroom at HUVECO

Today, HUVECO prides itself in the employees who work for us. HUVECO believes in teaching our employees about what is required to produce and manufacture products which are not only creative and unique, but also up to the international standards. HUVECO also believes that the manufacturing future is in Vietnam. We believe in quality, quality control and product manufacturing for our customers. It is this reason that, we have skillful handicraftsmen, we have in-house design teams. HUVECO also has in-house testing centers to ensure that your product will withstand dramatic temperature changes.

    Working in HUVECO
workshop in Catdang, Namdinh

Mr. Huong Bui, Master of Engineering, founder of HUVECO has 20 years experience of design, product development and manufacturing in Vietnam. All of his experience helps to put HUVECO in one of the leading companies in manufacturing and exporting handicrafts, home and garden furnitures, ladies fashion handbags, decorative products, souvenirs, gifts and crafts.
     Mr. Huong Bui, Director of HUVECO 
Values of  HUVECO:
  • People Matter Most. We believe in people. Whether it is you – our customer – or our employees.
  • Far Reaching Effect. We believe that what we do is greater than just HUVECO itself, but that it reaches far and wide to affect the lives of you, our customer.
  • Confidentiality. We promise to keep your designs, prices and goods confidential.
  • Growth. We believe in doing our part to help your business grow and develop.
  • Fair Employer. We believe in the rights of each employee and in the worth of each individual growth.
  • Fair Profit. A fair profit is important to run a business, but it is not the main focus of who or what we are about.
  • Enjoyable. We strive to ensure that our customers have a pleasant and easy working experience with us. We look upon you as our friend.

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